Build your Six-Pack with Alex Maass power program

Magazines often publish pictures with bodybuilders who have a shredded sixpack. How do they get it? It’s more than justified to ask yourself this question when you spend hours in the gym and it just doesn’t work. Sometimes you build some muscles, but they soon disappear when you eat too much fast food. Apart from this, the six-pack of the Hollywood heroes often looks slightly better than your own. What’s their secret? Alex Maass, the professional personal trainer from Berlin has specialized on these questions and presents you a customized 69 Days Star Workout. You’ll finally get your body to really work out and show the others what you’re actually capable of.

The Alex Maass 69 Days Star Workout consists an efficient workout in which you build your six-pack with the help of Alex Maass, like you’ve never done it before. Alex knows that, in daily life, you often don’t have time to care for your body. He pulls you off the sofa and helps you be your own hero, with a customized nutrition plan and workout. Alex doesn’t talk nonsense – for him, only the results count! Convince yourself and build your own six-pack!