Eat Clean – Alex Maass 69 Days Star Workout makes you fit

Eat Clean is a new movement that’s all about healthy nutrition. In general, you only eat raw food. That way, the body regenerates itself, and you feel lighter and healthier. With regards to fitness and bodybuilding, however, eat clean mainly means one thing: Eat effectively! When you want to build muscles, you have to start in the kitchen. The personal trainer Alex Maass has realized this and developed a workout plan according to that principle. The 69 days program is about building muscles with the help of a good workout and a matching nutrition.

In everyday life, it’s hard to manage this. Alex sees himself as personal trainer who coaches you in every aspect. His nutrition plan perfectly matches his workout plan so that the 69 Days Star Workout is destined to be successful. Of course, there’s one essential condition: you have to follow his instructions – No Pain – No Gain! With his motivating spirit, Alex has managed to get many notorious couchpotatoes to work out with him. When you have started, you will see your own progress relatively fast and you get an additional boost. With Alex as a successful coach, you make it possible and realize your workout dreams. Eat clean, Train Hard. Go for it!