New dimension of Body Cult with Alex Maass’ 69 Days Program

Alex Maass is a fitness and personal trainer with many years of experience. He knows inside out how to form a great body and provides you with instructions for an effective training. Not every customer has the same goals. Some just want to lose weight and get a more toned body, some really want to build muscles. Alex has the right program for everyone. The basis for working out, however, is the same for everyone: discipline. Only those who train hard can actually see results. When you decide for Alex Maass as your coach you sure have to sweat. On the other hand, you’re rewarded with great results. The cushions of fat are gone and replaced by real muscles. Besides admiring your body in the mirror, body cult means getting active!

Alex Maass’ brand new program is the 69 Days Star Workout with which you can get a great body with killer abs and six-pack within weeks. He prevents you from being lazy and motivates you to get started and work for you dream body. Due to the fact that you see fast results, you’re motivated to go through with it. In contrast to a normal workout in the gym, Alex also gives you nutrition advice and stops you from eating unhealthy stuff. The new body cult is 69 Days. Let’s go!