No Pain – No Gain-principle from Alex Maass burns fat

No Pain – No Gain is the motto of Alex Maass’ new 69 Days Star Workout. It sounds tough, and it indeed is. You have to earn your reward here. On the other hand, the workout promises an awesome body, which you can show off everywhere. Alex Maass gets everyone to work hard, but they’ll also get real muscles. Put an end to your beer gut and weight problems. Maass fights against superfluous fat! When you decide for Alex Maass’ No Pain – No Gain program you have to sweat. The reward, however, is a shredded body.

Alex Maass motivates his customers by helping them change their eating habits and train regularly, so that they reach their goal within 69 Days. During that time, you have to follow Alex’ program strictly. There’s no complaining in the No-Pain-No-Gain-motto! It is a bit difficult to adjust to new habits, but there will be a splendid reward after only a few weeks. You’ll finally get the flat stomach and biceps you’ve always dreamed of. Others will be astonished and see you differently. No Pain – no Gain, be a winner!