Alex Mass shows 69 Days Star Workout with Shredded Effect

Shredded is a typical depiction for the gorgeous body you possibly know from all the action movies. Who doesn’t want the killer abs and the eight-pack of the Hollywood heroes? Reality proves that such a body is hard to get. The weekly session in the gym doesn’t suffize in order to tune your body like the heroes on screen. Shredded therefore not only implies looking great, but also sweating really hard. Only those who are in beast mode reach their goal. The personal trainer Alex Maass knows where the problems are – and defeats them. Shredded means effective training to him – but also effective coaching.

Alex has developed a fitness program that only takes you 69 days to change your body. In 69 days, you’re supposed to lose superfluous fat and gain a lot of muscle. It sounds impossible, but it isn’t. Shredded programs aren’t reserved for pros. Alex coaches you in your training ,with your daily nutrition plan and helps you get your dream body. Within those 69 days you surely have to sweat sometimes and fight, but the result is worth it. You’ll get lots of compliments with your new, shredded body. Shred it!